Body Love Alchemy

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Welcome to Body Love Alchemy 2.0

Body Love Alchemy 2.0 Healing Reiki

Body Love Alchemy 2.0 Week One--Acceptance
Day 1: Who is someone who personifies body-love to you?
Day 2 Challenge: See Jade Beal's Nude Subjects as the Divine Would
Day 3: Love the part of you that you like the least
Day 4: Find Beauty in The People of WalMart
Day 5: Body Love Inspiration Isabella
Day 6--Audio --Now That I Love My Body Fully
Day 7: Body Love Inspiration, Lizzie Velasquez
Day 8: Body Love Inspiration, Nick Vujicic

Week 2 Forgiveness

Day 9: Body Love Inspiration, Sam Berns
Day 10: Body Love Inspiration, Chrissy Metz
Day 11: Sedona Method Intro for Body Love
Day 12: My EFT Technique Body Love Video
Day 13: What Do Blind Think About Beauty?
Day 14: The Work for Body Love 2.0
Day 15: The Sedona Method for Body Love Alchemy 2.0 Video
Day 16: Feel Your Feelings
Day 17: Another Body Love Inspiration

Week 3: Unconditional Nuturing

Unconditional Nuturing
Day 18: Make Love Tea
Day 19: Nourishment List
Day 20: CIA Undercover Nourishing

Week 4 Embodiment

Day 21: The Pink Lady
Day 22: Try on a New You
Day 23: Baddie Winkle
Day 24: Braco, the Gazer
Day 25: Claire Wineland
Day 26: E Jean
Day 27: Embody Your Chosen Emotions
Day 28:Embody Your Chosen Persona
Day 29: Is it Ok?
Day 30: PDF

Bonus Module From Body Love Alchemy 1.0--Heart Alchemy

Bonus Material
Q & A Call Audio

Live Round Videos Jan/Feb 2019

Here are the videos from the live round in Jan/Feb 2019

Week 1