30 Day Money Manifesting Reset

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Money Manifesting Re-set

Magical Money Game

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Day 1: Set an Intention
Day 2: What's Your Money Story
Day 3: Name Your New Money Persona
Day 4: Feel the Vibration of Your New Money Persona
Day 5: Be Your New Persona
Day 6: Pocket Litter, Home Decor, Etc.
Day 7: Connect with Your New Persona
Day 8: Integration Day
Day 9: Lighten Up
Day 10: Lock-In Your New Persona
Day 11: Three Questions
Day 12: An Interview for Your New Persona
Day 13: Your New Money Persona's Personal Mantra.
Day 14: Your New Money Persona's Visionboard
Day 15: Scripting from your New Money Persona
Day 16: How Do You Feel About Wealthy People ?
Day 17: What's Scary About Having Money?
Day 18: Ancestral Money Vibes
Day 19: Is There Enough?
Day 20: Making Money is Hard?
Day 21: Winning Thoughts
Day 22: Why We Want Money
Day 23: Invoking Your Money Persona's Why
Day 24: Appreciation, The Magical Money Magnet
Day 25: Abundant Living Day by Day
Day 26: Systematic Giving
Day 27: Daily Love List
Day 28: Picture Others Wealthy
Day 29: This Practice Can Change Your Life
Day 30: WE DID IT!!!!!
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