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Step 3: 100 Things to do in 2020

One way to do this is by choosing 8 categories and creating 12 goals, one per month, for each of those categories to come up your first 96 things to do in 2016. You can, also, choose more areas of life to focus on and doing 6 goals for some of the areas. Some of the areas of life you could chose to create items in are:

12 self care

12 family. & friends

12 giving--random acts of kindness, charity eric

12 business, work or creativity

12 learning

12 leisure

12 bucket list 

12 spouse

12 spiritual 

12 financial 

Also, feel free to add your own specific areas of life to focus on and feel free to comment and share what areas you are choosing to focus on.

Then, for you last 4 things I recommend a technique created by Chalene Johnson and making those 4 push goals or goals that make it easier to complete many of the other 96 things on your list.

For example, if many of things on your list require more money, create a financial goal that will help you to complete them. If you will need more free time, create a goal to shift your schedule to be able to have more time to work on those things.

You can also make 10 categories with 10 activities in each or just free write out goals that come to you. Whatever works best for you! And remember you don't have to have 100 unless you want to.

If you need help with this don't hesitate to reach out, here in the forum, on Facebook, or via email (


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