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Step 4: My Core Practice for 2020

Here's a blog post that explains why I love having a core practice so much:

Want to change your life? Want to make lasting changes? Then stop trying to change so much at once.

Many people decide to improve their lives and they decide to stop smoking, start exercising, and go back to school all at once. And they crash and burn. It’s the same premise when we decide to become more spiritual and add more magic and joy to our lives. There are enough wonderful practices out there that we could be doing them 24/7, but then when would we actually live and enjoy the benefits we are trying to create.

So what’s the answer?


Yep, that’s right one. I know that you love so many: EFT, affirmations, scripting, meditating, visualizing, etc. I’m not telling you to drop doing anything you love but scheduling ten practices a day can suck the joy our of them real quick. And when the joy is gone, the purpose is no longer served.

Commit to doing just one practice a day. That doesn’t mean you can’t do others if it feels good, but just have one that you commit to doing with out fail. Your one core practice.

What Should Your Core Practice Be?

Good question. You might have a different answer than me. For me, I use the meditation to feel my vibration that is described in the Shift Your Vibe In Five Minutes Kit that you can access in The Magical Freebie Vault with the password: magicallife at . I chose it because it meets the four requirements of a core practice for me.

Four Requirements of a Core Practice:

1. It’s easy. 

2. It’s fun.

3. You get results.

4. It inspires you to add more spiritual connection to your day.

For me, taking a few minutes in the morning to tune into my vibration is easy, fun, feels good and makes my day go better.  Also, strangely enough, I seem to add more practices to my day because I’m inspired to when I do this one core practice first.

How Do You Find Your Core Practice?

If you have something you already love to do then you are all set. Make the commitment to do it once a day and see what happens. If you don’t, then give some other practices a dry run. Find something that seems intriguing and commit to doing it once a day for a week. Then at the end of the week evaluate whether or not it meets the four requirements for you. If not, then try something new the next week until you find the one that works for you. Chose something that makes you smile not something you think would be good or other people do. This is individual to you.

How Often Should You Change Your Core Practice?

If you’ve found a practice that meets the four requirements, you’ll probably want to stick with it for a while. It doesn’t mean you can’t do any other spiritual practice that strikes your fancy, too, but just keep the commitment to one. If it’s no longer fun, easy, or getting results then it’s time to change it.

For several years, I wrote or said affirmations every morning, but then vibrational meditation became more fun and easy, so I switched over.

The truth of the matter is that we all know enough to create a magical life right now. The way to change your life is to actually implement what you know. If you try to implement everything you, you’ll get overwhelmed and quit, so pick one thing and stick to it. I promise you’ll see results.


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