Reiki Level 2

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Reiki 2

Reiki Level 2 adds in symbols and distance healing.

How to Use Reiki Symbols 3:37
Cho-Ku-Rei 1:33
Sei-He-Ki 1:18
Hon-Sha-Ze-Sho-Nen 2:09
More Symbols 2:23
Reiki Distance Healing 5:00
Using Reiki in No Time 5:28
Reiki Envelope Healing 1:29
Reiki: Experiment & Explore 2:01
Reiki 2 PDF
Reiki Symbols PDF
Reiki 2 Q & A call recording 39:46
Reiki 2 Live Video Recording Part 1 0:17
Reiki 2 Live Video Recording Part 2 28:16

Bonus: Reiki 2 Class Notes from 2002

These are the notes I took during my Reiki 2 class. I vaguely remember that Daria wasn't able to get handouts for this class so we just took notes so I have scanned and uploaded those notes for you. 

Reiki 2 Class Notes

Reiki 2 Audio Attunement

Listen with the intention to receive your Level 2 Attunement. If you want a live one-on-one attunement, email me and I'll get you the info on how to set that up for an extra fee.

Reiki Level 2 Audio Attunement 9:11