Course Summary

Reiki Master's Level

Reiki Masters Level PDF

.Here is the PDF and Powerpoint that will go along with the Live class. The Video will be posted underneath after the live class.

Masters Level PDF and Powerpoint
Masters Level Course Video
Masters Level Reiki Distance Audio Attunement
Masters Level Reiki Connecting with Guides Meditation
Masters Teacher Instructions: Attunement Procedures Handout
Attunement Cheat Sheet

Reiki Handbook from Michelle's Master

This is the handbook it was given when I didi my Reiki Masters training. There is a lot of info in it and not all pertains to Masters Level Reiki but I wanted to share it all in case it is of value to you.

Tracing the Origins of Reiki
Reiki Master, Hawayo Tekata
On Changes and Suffering
The American Way of Health
Reiki For the Beginner
The Reiki Legend
Reiki: A Workable Introduction to Responsible Self-Care
Reiki Hand Positions
Chakra Awareness Guide
The 21 Day Reiki Attunement Cycle
Reiki Degrees
Reiki Will Change Your Life
Reiki Flows Through the Initiate
The Overall Effects of Reiki
Treatment Positions on Others
Reiki Treatment and Positions & Treatments
Self Treatment Positions
East Meets West in Reiki
Inner Cleanliness
Putting Your Reiki Training to Good Use
How I Healed My Refrigerator
Reiki Q & A
A Powerful for Creating and Maintaining Health
Reiki Healing
Reiki and the Law