Magical Greetings

While working with Michelle, I've come to realize how many magical practices I've already been doing! Things that just came to me - who knew? But now I do and I'm curious to discover more. I'm a love coach and long-time spiritual explorer. Looking forward to getting to know you and being part of the community :-) 

Manifesting mofo

Hi everyone, I love playing with possibilities and helping others shatter their limiting self-beliefs. Every once in a while I recognize I’m just as guilty .

Love nature and reading and travel to foreign countries!


Hi y'all!

Like Michelle, I've always been interested in witchy things but only explored it on and off over the years. Anything metaphysical excites my imagination. 

I look forward to connecting with you,

Debbie Herbert

Hi, All!

Most of you know a little bit about me but I'll go first and share. I feel like I've been on a spiritual path my whole life. In second grade, I decided I was secretly a witch and all through grade school I sought out all the occult, witchy, odd books I could find. There weren't a lot of those kind of books in my local library or at the book fairs and most of those were fiction. Still, I meditated in the trees in the woods around my rural home and pretended I was flying on a magic carpet in my...