Hi, All!

Most of you know a little bit about me but I'll go first and share. I feel like I've been on a spiritual path my whole life. In second grade, I decided I was secretly a witch and all through grade school I sought out all the occult, witchy, odd books I could find. There weren't a lot of those kind of books in my local library or at the book fairs and most of those were fiction. Still, I meditated in the trees in the woods around my rural home and pretended I was flying on a magic carpet in my room.  

As I got older, I dipped into Tarot and Ouija boards in college. I got scared by some weird experiences and dropped those for a while. After college, I wanted more occult knowledge and I had access to Barnes and Noble where I picked up lots of Wicca books which were the only thing about magick and witchcraft available. The books didn't resonate so I gave them away and started looking for a more mainstream religion.

Through twist of fate, I ended up in a Unity Church which is a law of attraction type of Christianity. I learned a ton there from the minister, Reverend Dick,  and I went to every workshop and class available starting at age 22 and continuing for at least 10 years. I branched out to other spiritual things as well. Over the years, I've added studying under an Indian Guru and learning Yoga, becoming a reiki master, studying alchemy, learning about plant magick, ancestor magick, european witchcraft, quimbanda, chaos magick, planetary magick and more.

I think I'll always have an eclectic practice and I like it that way. I work with what works for me. I'm, also, learning slowly that discipline is important, too. Spirituality is one of the things that guides my life and brings me joy. Learning more about magick is one of my passions as is sharing the things I learn and experience. I started Daily Alchemy to encourage people to see and experience the enchantment of life. The world is better when we see and engage in its magick.

Also, I've been married for 22 years and my husband and I have four children, ages 20, 15, 15, and 14. We own a heating and cooling company. I was born in West Virginia and I live in South Carolina. Although I used to be ashamed of my Appalachian Heritage, I wouldn't trade it for anything. Having a grandmother who made dandelion wine and foraged for ginseng was a gift. Also, growing up surrounded my beautiful mountains and nature in my backyard is something I treasure. I love to travel AND when I'm home I love to be a homebody. I've published several books and the Moon & Magick Planner since 2019.

How about you? I'd love to know more.


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