Daily Alchemy Premium Membership Benefits:

  • Support Daily Alchemy and all the  content and magic it adds to the world
  • Premium Members get immediate and ongoing access to the following online courses: Body Love Alchemy, Abundance Alchemy, Angel Alchemy, Healing Alchemy, Radical Love Alchemy, Money Alchemy, Meditation Alchemy, Ancestor Alchemy, Vibemixology, Pray Rain Journaling and Scripting, 30 Day Manifesting Re-set and 30 Day Money Manifesting Reset
  • Reiki Training and Attunements through the Master's Level along with monthly Reiki Online Group Share Parties
  • Access to the Private Facebook with all the Coolest Alchemists there to interact and support each other
  • Access to the Member’s Only Lab and a New Monthly Manifesting Experiment each month
  • Digital copy of the Moon & Magick Planner: 13 Moons of 2019
  • Digital Copies of Michelle’s Alchemy books and the chance to be a Beta Reader new books
  • Daily Long Distance Reiki sent to all members by Michelle and a library of Distance Reiki Healings
  • Voxer Group Chat to discuss experiments, rave about results or just ask questions and interact with other lab members and Michelle 
  • Bi-Monthly( or more) Facebook Lives
  • 15% off on all other online courses and physical products ( not including live events, retreats or one-on-one products)


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Some of the Benefits of Premium Membership

You want to be premium, don't you? 

Distance Reiki & Attunements

Distance Reiki is sent to members each day by Michelle during her daily reiki sessions. Attunements are included in some of the courses and in all of the Monthly Lab kits.

Daily Alchemy Courses

Twelve Alchemy Courses are available to members at any time.  Just click on the link above to be directed to the page with all the included coursework.

Member's Only Facebook Group

This is a private group for all of the Premium Member's to connect and support each other. Also, all of the lab kits are available in the group. Click the image to be directed to the group


Monthly Alchemy Lab Kits

A New Monthly Manifesting Experiment with support materials, audios and live video meetings each month.

First Dibs

Any Daily Alchemy Live Event, Retreat or Special Promotion with a limited number of participants will be published and offered first to the Premium Members. Watch your email and the Facebook page for updates.

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