If you don't know about Reiki, it's one of my favorite forms of Energy Healing and it's easy to learn but you do need to be attuned which is included for Daily Alchemy Premium Members. 

​​​​​​​Some benefits of Reiki:

❤️ Stress Reduction

❤️ Better Sleep

❤️ Spiritual Growth & Experiences

❤️ Can Stop Headaches

❤️ Can help manage pain & compliment traditional medicine

❤️ Eases Transition during Death (some pracitioners work with hospice)

❤️ Grounding and Balancing

❤️ Easier Meditation Entry

❤️ Lesson Anxiety & Depression

❤️ Heightened Intuition

❤️ Improved Feelings of Well Being

❤️You Can Start Your own Business Giving Reiki Sessions or Teaching Reiki 


Reiki can become an integral part of your daily life and Reiki does no harm. You can literally use it on any situation and I'll teach you to use it for better physical and mental health, quicker spiritual growth, improved relationships, and so much more!